About Us

We are excited to announce that youth-focused homegrown channel, NOW! TV has officially found a new home, online. 

 In an endeavour to promote the arts and empower the youth, the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development (MYSCD) launched the anticipated Youth Television Channel, NOW! TV in 2018.

A channel playing primarily youthful content across a variety of genres, NOW! TV, is mandated to provide entertainment, empower the youth of Botswana and grow the local Film and Television industry. 

NOW! TV speaks directly to Botswana’s commitment to growing the local content offering and making great content more accessible in our communities and their growing technological needs. 

NOW! TV is a proud supporter of the local film and television production industries and look forward to more local youth content being showcased on this platform. NOW! TV's efforts to grow the local creative industry have significantly intensified! 

Going online is an exciting development. NOW! TV online platform serves to provide an opportunity for empowerment of local youth and filmmakers. 

In partnership with Bofinet and Plastique, NOW! TV provides a wider group and exposes emerging local talent to a world audience, making Botswana entertainment more accessible to everyone. 

Local producers are encouraged to get into contact with the Plastique team for the submission of their productions,

1)     Register on the site as a user

2)     Send a mail to [email protected]

3)     Plastique will review your email application

4)     If approved we will upgrade your account to enable content submissions for review

5)     We will email you back once your content has been reviewed